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Ana grew up outside of Chicago, Illinois. She attended Loras college for her undergraduate education, receiving a BA in psychology. During a summer internship in college, Ana worked in the rehabilitation department at St. Joseph’s hospital in Chicago and fell in love with occupational therapy after observing their patient-centered approach to treatment. She went on to pursue her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT) from Dominican University of California. Ana has experience in many different settings, some which include a hippotherapy clinic, community-based mental health, and inpatient rehabilitation. While pursuing her master’s in occupational therapy Ana spent a month in Mérida, Mexico, studying Spanish while also working at CRIT Yucatán, a pediatric rehabilitation center. Due to her interest in pediatrics and specialized settings, Ana pursued an additional occupational therapy internship following completion of her graduate program, working at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland (BCHO) over the summer. While at BCHO Ana was able to learn more about feeding and swallowing interventions in the NICU, fabrication of splints and orthotics, while working with patients in acute rehab and the PICU with medically complex conditions.

Ana has had over 4 years of experience working with children throughout her undergraduate and graduate education. She is passionate about providing client-centered treatment that supports development and promotes participation in play and everyday occupations. She feels lucky to have a career which allows her to be a part of a child’s growth and rehabilitation, while providing support and education to family members. She incorporates many different theoretical frameworks into her daily practice and values a holistic approach to treatment. These include: sensory integration (SI), neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT), and motor-learning and acquisition approaches. Additionally, Ana likes to promote her self-regulation and participation for her clients using mind-body approaches that incorporate yoga, mindfulness and diaphragmatic breathing.

Ana lives in San Francisco, and in her free time enjoys doing yoga, surfing, hiking with friends, and going on weekend adventures to explore this beautiful state she now calls home!